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    • Omak s3 refrigerated truck price

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    • Release time: 2018/7/27 9:14:41
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    S3全新2.1米宽体驾驶室、6档变速箱、7.50R16(真空胎)、6吨后桥、MP3/动力转向、空调、定速巡航、离合助力、断气刹、ABS、中控锁+电动玻璃+遥控钥匙,,箱体采用内外优质玻璃钢,中间进口聚氨酯保温板, 厚度是8厘米,铝合金型材包边,锁件门框均为不锈钢材质。 Foton Omak S3 refrigerated vehicle adopts Cummins 141 horsepower diesel engine, S3 new 2.1 meter wide body cab, 6-speed gearbox, 7.50R16 (vacuum tire), 6 ton rear axle, MP3 / power steering, air conditioning, Speed cruise, clutch assist, air brake, ABS, central control lock + electric glass + remote control key, the box is made of high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic inside and outside, polyurethane insulation board imported in the middle, thickness is 8 cm, aluminum alloy profile edge, lock door frame Made of stainless steel. The insulation performance reaches the national A-level standard.

    Optional cooler: different units can be selected according to the customer's car needs. -5 ℃, -10 ℃, -15 ℃, -18 ℃ to -20 ℃ refrigerating units. The brands of refrigerating units are domestic Asiana, Hanxue, Huatai, Songhan, Kaixue, Super Cool and other refrigeration units, imported refrigeration unit brands are Carrier, American King of Cold. Refrigeration units are divided into independent units and split units! This model can optionally be equipped with a "cooling + heating" dual temperature unit (control range: + 20 ° C to -18 ° C), which can be used in the cold regions such as Northeast China and Inner Mongolia and Tibet!

    This model has a blue card, a C card can be issued, and national after-sales warranty. Cheng Li refrigerated truck manufacturers sales phone: 13886888304 Manager Chen

    In addition, our company's refrigerated truck series are: bread refrigerated truck, small refrigerated truck, van refrigerated truck, semi-trailer refrigerated truck and so on ! 疫苗冷藏车、肉钩冷藏车、瓜果蔬菜冷藏车、奶制品冷藏车、多温冷藏车。 The main models are: vaccine refrigerated truck, meat hook refrigerated truck, fruit and vegetable refrigerated truck, dairy refrigerated truck, multi-temperature refrigerated truck. Refrigerated trucks are divided into: van refrigerated trucks, bread refrigerated trucks, small refrigerated trucks, medium refrigerated trucks, large refrigerated trucks, semi-trailer refrigerated trucks, refrigerated refrigerated trucks, and insulated refrigerated trucks. 东风、福田、长安、江淮、江铃、五十铃等冷藏车。 The main brands are Dongfeng, Futian, Changan, Jianghuai, Jiangling, Isuzu and other refrigerated trucks.

    专业生产制造冷藏车二十年! Please refer to Hubei Chengli when purchasing refrigerated trucks. We have specialized in manufacturing refrigerated trucks for 20 years!

    力专用汽车股份有限公司斥巨资购置目前国内最长的大型复合板材生产线,选用隔热性能很好的聚氨酯保温材料,采用聚酯湿法制板工艺和玻璃纤维加强全木箱体框架结构,使用国际上最为先进的第五代全封闭聚氨酯板块粘接法,生产的保温箱体保温性能达到国内A级,箱体具有优良的保温性,稳固性,气密性并具有质量轻,使用寿命长,易于修补,环保节能等优点,箱体表面平整美观,不起泡。 Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. has invested heavily in the purchase of the longest large-scale composite sheet production line in China, using polyurethane thermal insulation materials with good thermal insulation properties, polyester wet sheet manufacturing process and glass fiber reinforced wooden frame structure. Using the world's most advanced fifth-generation fully-enclosed polyurethane plate bonding method, the thermal insulation performance of the produced thermal insulation box reaches the domestic level A. The box has excellent thermal insulation, stability, air tightness, light weight, and long service life. Long, easy to repair, environmental protection, energy saving and other advantages, the surface of the cabinet is flat and beautiful, no foam.

    特点: Refrigerated car body features:

    冷藏车的货柜需要保证严格的密封来减少与外界的热量交换,以保证冷藏柜内保持较低温度。 The container of the sealed refrigerated truck needs to be strictly sealed to reduce the heat exchange with the outside world to ensure that the temperature in the refrigerated cabinet is kept low.

    加装的制冷设备与货柜连通并提供源源不断的制冷,保证货柜的温度在货物允许的范围内。 The refrigerated refrigeration equipment is connected to the container and provides continuous cooling to ensure that the temperature of the container is within the allowable range of the cargo.

    一般用冷藏车运输的货物都是不能长时间保存的物品,虽然有制冷设备,仍需较快送达目的地。 Lightness Generally, the goods transported by refrigerated trucks are items that cannot be stored for a long time. Although there are refrigeration equipment, they still need to be delivered to the destination quickly.

    冷藏车的货柜类似集装箱,但由隔热效果较好的材料制成,减少了热量交换。 The container of the insulated refrigerated truck is similar to a container, but is made of a material with better insulation effect, which reduces heat exchange.

    (长×宽×高) mm Vehicle size (L × W × H) mm
    5995 × 2250 × 3230
    Cargo compartment size (length × width × height) mm
    4080 × 2100 × 2000
    Curb weight kg 3200 Total weight kg 4495
    Drive type 4X2
    Chassis configuration and technical parameters
    Chassis manufacturer Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.
    Chassis model BJ1048V9JEA-FE
    Engine manufacturer Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
    engine model ISF3.8s5141
    Transmission model 6T120
    Speed ratio of main reducer (transaxle speed ratio) 4.111
    Tire specifications 7.00R16LT 8PR, 7.50R16LT 6PR
    Comprehensive fuel consumption L / 100km 12.8

    The cut-off time for our factory's price reduction promotion event is 2018.12.31. The opportunity is not lost, and it will not come again! Welcome customers and friends to visit and order! For more model promotions, please call Chengli Factory Direct Hotline: 138 8688 8304 (Manager Chen) for consultation!

    When purchasing a refrigerated truck, please be sure to call the above phone for verification and communication. Don't be fooled!

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